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Dating does not include listings for all dating sites.

Just in time for Fathers Day Mashable has decided to pick on single dads with a story about how 1 in 3 single fathers stretch the truth a bit when it comes to online dating.

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Other than that all we can say is good luck with whatever you choose to do and have fun with it.

Remember, relationships are meant to bring you enjoyment!

Millions around the world have found their significant other by using and online dating site.

Below you can see the statistics done by a research study on online dating and the numbers behond it.

That idea has changed dramatically over the past several years and for many online dating is actually the first place the go to when wanting to find a new relationship.

The reason why is actually very simple…it has proven to work!

I'm looking for a loving and humorous man hopefully with view to a long term relationship. I Love to be Creative, I am a single mom to 3 Boys who are 24yrs,14yrs and 8yrs old, all 3 Boys live with me and they are my world and mean everything to...

Age 40 De Bridgend, United Kingdom En ligne - il y a 2 semaines Femme recherche Homme (515 de Kilomètres) Hi my name is Linda , I'm 40 years old and I've been a single mum for 4 years.

The real truth though is that even though it has worked for many people out there, the only way to actually find out if it’s the right option for you is to sign up with a site and try it out.

You might find out that you absolutely love it and you meet someone early on.

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