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Though most wouldn’t be offended if people smoked weed in the privacy of their own homes, it’s the in-your-face use that continues to bother people.

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Though, there are no strings attached for 420 Singles, as the site is completely free of charge.

I was more than happy to oblige my boss and join the site.

I have to say, though, that it was nice being on a dating site that didn’t revolve around when and where I was going to meet a stranger and exchange bodily fluids.

These stoners are doing it right as far as respect and consideration is concerned.

Many people are comfortable with the theory of legalized marijuana, but don’t want it near them. It looks exactly like most dating sites: couples cuddling and walking on the beach — without a joint in sight, ironically.

My420Mate knows that if you are a regular pot user, it can be awkward in a dating relationship to bring up the topic of marijuana. How much time should you put into the relationship before you talk about this?As a result, the online dating industry is the latest to receive its own specialized niche for marijuana aficionados.More than half the population in the United States said they favor legalizing marijuana, according to data from Gallup and the Pew Research Center as of April 2015.Honestly, a lot of people aren’t necessarily opposed to the idea of online stoner dating, but they also admit they really don’t need it.An overwhelming amount of people seem to agree that going to music festivals and hookah bars is how they meet potential mates, and since those are environments are rich with stoner activity, bringing up the subject is not only allowed, but it is expected and gives the stoners a chance to meet whoever they want.But the fact that sites like this even exist show the paradoxes that marijuana creates.

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