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Dan Glickman, chairman and CEO of the Motion Pictures Association of America told UBS’s 35th annual Global Media and Communications Conference that his organization is working directly with ISPs and with its own technical arm, Movie Labs, to develop and deploy technology that can detect illegal usage of copyright-protected material.What most of the reports of Glickman’s speech failed to pick up on, however, were the other ways in which the MPAA is working to stop piracy of copyrighted content.

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So, now that we can dance and rock out on our phones, I am confident more games are to come.

Much of the rationale offered by telecom immunity supporters is that telecom carriers rightly saw the need, in the wake of the Sept.

Some say the carriers shouldn’t be punished for this activity because they were assured by the administration that the program was legal.

My Space signed on first with a native app for Helio’s handset line that allowed the obsessed social networking masses to access their profiles.

A ray of hope from the Forrester study for telcos is that they were not included in the television space.

For every customer who wants to fiddle with a phone before buying, Mobile Complete may have the answer.

Let’s be honest, the small screen of a mobile handset looks nothing like a plastic guitar equipped with notes and a strum key.

It is no wonder that Verizon wants to get in on a part of the industry that multiple analysts have touted as the next billion dollar market.

For those of you unfamiliar with Mobile Complete, it runs a remote device-testing lab that allows application developers to test their products on a handset virtually, not through an online simulation, but through a sort of tele-testing engine that lets a developer interact with a live phone thousands of miles away.

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