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So it’s no surprise that he doesn’t wait for a second invitation and gets right to it.

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He took hold of Allen’s gorgeous ass in his jeans, steadied Allen’s head as Allen sucked him off, before finally turning Allen around to rim and hammer him doggy-style.

Arad and Allen quickly matched each other’s sexual energy and were already getting close, so they switched it up and moved to the couch where Allen straddled Arad, taking hold of Arad’s cock and teasing it against his hole.

Wasting no time, Max slides Arad’s shorts off of him and begins to work his cock, first with his hand and then with his mouth, as Arad closes his eyes and grows hard inside Max’s mouth.

Sucking him off, it becomes obvious that Arad is definitely into this kind of workout, especially when he pushes Max back against the sofa and returns the favor, downing Max’s cock before flipping him over and tonguing his hole.

In ‘Worship Me’, narcissistic Arad Winwin is given a special outfit from Wesley Woods and his assistant Will Braun a special invisible fabric that highlights all of his body’s best attributes.

The look is so good on Arad, that Wesley can’t help but take that hard dick in his mouth.

Allen got to work on Arad right away, hungrily kissing and stripping Arad as Arad stood there in disbelief as one of his all-time favorite porn crushes unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his dick.

It wasn’t until Arad experienced the feeling of Allen’s lips engulfing his dick that he came to, fully immersing himself in their undeniably hot chemistry and gradually taking more and more control.

At first, Levi was a little nervous because Topher, who’s best friends with Arad, told Levi that Arad doesn’t speak English.


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