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The others require users to purchase subscriptions to the complete Web versions, with prices ranging from to per year, before they can activate the Android app.

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This list currently highlights only the latest and greatest Android apps for parental control.

Many of these utilities have i OS counterparts, but they're typically more powerful on Android because of Google's looser restrictions for what they can and can't do.

Some even handle HTTPS, so kids can't evade them using a secure anonymizing proxy.

The default Web filtering of these services will block obviously harmful material like pornography, excessive violence, and rampant profanity.

If you have to buy the whole software suite, you might as well take complete advantage of it.

Many of these apps also require you to use the Web interface to unlock their full potential.

Mobicip allows for some light filtering customization within its separate Monitor app, but to access advanced features, such as reviewing weekly reports or setting up schedules for when and how long the child can be online, you must use the Web interface.

Net Nanny and Qustodio just redirect parents to the Web interface in the mobile browser, not ideal on a cramped smartphone screen.

Out of the services we've tested, only Norton's offers the full capability of its Web interface in an independent mobile app.

Web and Social Media Filtering The primary way parental control apps clean up the Internet for kids is by filtering out websites with explicit material and other inappropriate content.

These days, phones, tablets, and other mobile devices are the toys most young people turn to when they want to browse the Internet, download apps, and chat with friends.

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