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(At Skate America a week ago, Hanyu broke Chan’s short program marks record.)“But all these guys, not just Javi, they’re figuring out what it is they need to do to beat him. It’s skating skills, it’s the program, it’s the packaging, everything. When you’re starting to see that, those are big numbers to overcome.”It remains unclear why Chan, against this aggressive backdrop, decided to launch an extensive overhaul, though he notes that Krall’s departure wasn’t his doing.Everybody’s kind of it.“When Elvis (Stojko) was the leader doing all the quads, it was, OK, we all have to do quads. Who’s calling the shots in Chan’s corner is also debatable.

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“It’s not like Kathy planned it out that way, like she wanted me to start dating her daughter.

People falling in love with each other is uncontrollable.

Jump specialist coach Christy Krall, who so effectively potty-trained her ward in the quad, parted company with Team Chan in April, just after the world championships, citing philosophical differences. Long-time choreographer Lori Nichol was replaced by Jeffrey Buttle (short program) and David Wilson (long program).

The selection of Kathy Johnson as coach has confounded experts.

In June, Dakota Johnson was confirmed to have split from her longtime boyfriend Matthew Hitt and months prior, Garfield and his ex-girlfriend, Emma Stone, chose to end their relationship.

Continuing on to readers, co-star, Jamie Dornan, who was said to have been “bothered” and “jealous” over the news.

Sixteen months out from the Sochi Olympics, he’s looking vulnerable and not quite so special anymore in the overwhelming superiority of his skating techniques, the league-of-their-own edges, lines and craftsmanship. where you have a handful of people on any given day who can win,” says Mike Slipchuk, high-performance director for Skate Canada.

Marquee rivals such as Daisuke Takahashi have stepped up their game, old nemeses — Evgeny Plushenko, Evan Lysacek — are back in the hunt and youthful challengers hot on everybody’s heels.“Quite often, Patrick has been in a field by himself,” observes Brian Orser, global champion turned coach who trains Fernandez in Toronto and has also recently taken on Japanese teen phenomenon Yuzuru Hanyu. “The field is catching up or is already there, just the technical arsenal of so many skaters.

In early September, claimed Dakota Johnson and Andrew Garfield were reportedly enjoying a “progressing relationship” with one another and said they had an “undeniable red-hot chemistry” during screen tests for their new film.


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