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Please TEST this FIRST in a COPY of your workbook (always make a backup copy before trying new code, you never know what you might lose).

Whenever you tab into this Sheet, colors will get updated.

Put the following in the Worksheet_Activate Event of the Sheet you want colored.

Thinking of how you showed that I didn't need to highlight the columns going across, I'm also probably doing the cell wrapping inefficiently as well (wanted to wrap the text in the cells from Row #4 down to the rest of the spreadsheet.

If any text is too large, I have the columns set to wrap to the next line in the cell.

), so that I wouldn't need to highlight those rows in order to wrap text within those rows.

I currently have: ..have a feeling that I can do something similar to what you've shown me above (thank you again, btw!

Enable Events = True End If End Sub Here you have CG Sub Create_Hyper Links_To_Google() Dim i1 As Integer Dim s A As String For i1 = 4 To Range("L: L").

I recently been asked about the certificate requirements for deploying Lync 2013 Persistent chat enterprise pool version which requires dedicated servers to be installed in the Lync environment as part of a Persistent Chat pool.

Color Index = xl None Case Else Range(Cells(Target. If my assumptions so far are correct, then here's what you can do.


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