Examples of hot sex chat

So, if the response to your “fuck” is “make love”, stick with the latter.Now that you are into the thick of things, bring out the heavy artillery.• I just thought about a really dirty thing to do to you.

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So, hopefully, nobody is going to be abashed when it comes to talking about it. • The sex last night was so amazing; I can still feel your touch all over me.

The disadvantage is that you would be giving up the chance of playing on several greener and hitherto unexplored fields. • Damn, I am so horny right now, I wish you were here.

You can’t be talking about pee-pee’s and vee- vee’s unless you are absolutely sure that is where the other person wants to go.

Also, even if you are not following James Franco’s lead in sexting an underage person, you will be surprised with the number of adults who are squeamish about sex talk or sex text in this case.

• Nothing works better than the promise of a kiss, “I just want to kiss you right now or feel your lips on mine or I want to do nothing more than taste your mouth right now”.

This stuff may seem tame as compared to what you really want to go for but that is the whole point.

The innuendos are unmistakable, unless your bestie is a regular at your adult pajama party. • “I want to take off your clothes, what should I go for first?

So, you can consider yourself in the green if you get a reassuring response such as: • Sure, I’d like that. ” If you are lucky, she may say she is buck naked and you will have hit the jackpot.

Start with some harmless flirty messages like: • This one is corny but still works, “what are you wearing right now? • I am really missing you right now and I need more than just a friendly shoulder.


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