Video chat room cock - Facetime chat room

It costs only 99 cents and can be downloaded easily.The only drawback is that users can communicate only with other Mac device users using Facetime.

There is also a video verison which can be used by anyone with a front camera device running on i OS or Mac PC.

Facetime audio as of now is available for i OS 7 and above devices and any Macintosh device with a forward-facing camera running Mac OS X 10.9.2 and later.

Skype is free to use and you can make any number of calls from most devices without any restriction. Skype used to charge a subscription fee for multi-user video chats, but fortunately now group chats are included in the basic service.

It is also possible to connect with friends and family who do not use Skype although for that service you would need a monthly paid subscription or you could pay by minutes.

It was welcomed by many users when it was launched in 2010.

Face time is an Apple creation and is supported by devices that use i OS as well as Mac computers, specifically Mac OS 10.6.6 and above.

Due to this , satisfied users are responsible for keeping this app alive and kicking to date.

– They have video chat services like- quality control of the video or voice call.

2) Viber Viber is another app similar to Facetime and is approved of by many users and its popularity is high even though it is a more recent app.


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