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LA man who walks people for a living, child suicides, resistance news. "Hand Writing Just Doesn't Matter." (Samsung refrigerator) ad of the week..

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Despite phone problems, 4 calls; 2 counseled more attention to affirmative projects.

New Panama Canal not big enough for bloated globalization.

Re: last week's call from rotn: nihilism and what's the point?

Technology weakens us, displaces human interaction. i Pal robot keeps kids quiet and surveilled ("companionship").

Mark Boyle goes anti-tech, digital "education." Ad of the week: $720 self-lacing shoes. [audio] Heretofore hidden politics of Standing Rock.

[audio] Fifth Estate, Submedia-TV, even Leonard Cohen, come under scrutiny. North Pole last Thursday: 36 degrees above average.

" Mono- polization increasing, Chomsky a self-described Bernie liberal. [audio] A tale of two occupations; inside Standing Rock.

" Modern Madness by Ed lord, Feral Consciousness by Julian Langer. "Opioid Poisonings Surge Among Children." Tech ads of the week.

Subscribe to the Anarchy Radio RSS feed Since the millennium change John Zerzan has been expressing his anti-civilization views on his one hour live radio show, "Anarchy Radio".

By audio streaming (KWVA 88.1 FM) you can listen to "Anarchy Radio" live each week on Tuesday's at 7pm PST and express your views by calling 541-346-0645 during the live broadcast.

Desertification of China, mammal extinctions, shootings of the week.


  1. The two agreed not to discuss politics or religion. At first, that is.“I ended the relationship when he told me, quite formally, that he didn’t believe in evolution,” she said.

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  3. Google has significantly reduced the number of quick links on search results. On November, 2 it was reported that Sitelinks ranked 32% of all search results, and on November, 5 it dropped down to 8.1%.

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  5. Students will experience art as a form of self expression and their creative skills will grow naturally.

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  8. Post-Divorce Dating Tips for Men Single in the Suburbs and Searching for Love?

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