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One of the most dangerous delusions of modern America is the idea that girls are desirable because of how smart they are.

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IQ testing has consistently shown that while men and females have the same mean intelligence, men have a wider standard deviation while females cluster around the middle.

In layman’s terms, this means that there are more intelligent men than there are intelligent girls.

Claiming that girls are intelligent because they earn the majority of degrees is like saying that parrots are intelligent because the majority of them can mimic human speech.

When she graduates, assuming she isn’t spat right back into the service industry, she’ll go to work as a government bureaucrat, HR commissar, paralegal or other profession that contributes nothing to society.

Worst of all, girls think that being able to spell their own names entitles them to a good man, even when they’re bossy, defiant and lacking in feminine graces. The reality is that truly intelligent females are rare, and most girls who consider themselves “smart” are not.

More importantly, the idea that men should find female intelligence is as preposterous as expecting them to find hermaphroditism sexy.

Here are my reasons why female intelligence is a fraud.

This is the most important thing to know: intelligence is largely a attribute.

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