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The tablets indicate that unions between slaves and freemen were common and that slaves could work and own land.

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This paradigm was notably questioned in Socratic dialogues; the Stoics produced the first recorded condemnation of slavery.

Modern historiographical practice distinguishes chattel (personal possession) slavery from land-bonded groups such as the penestae of Thessaly or the Spartan helots, who were more like medieval serfs (an enhancement to real estate).

The orator Hypereides, in his Against Areistogiton, recalls that the effort to enlist 15,000 male slaves of military age led to the defeat of the Southern Greeks at the Battle of Chaeronea (338 BC), which corresponds to the figures of Ctesicles.

According to the literature, it appears that the majority of free Athenians owned at least one slave.

There were some male slaves, especially in the Odyssey, a prime example being the swineherd Eumaeus.

The slave was distinctive in being a member of the core part of the oikos ("family unit", "household"): Laertes eats and drinks with his servants; Solon (c.

594-593 BC) forbade slaves from practising gymnastics and pederasty.

By the end of the period, references become more common.

The domestic's main role was to stand in for his master at his trade and to accompany him on trips. The female slave carried out domestic tasks, in particular bread baking and textile making.

Only the poorest citizens did not possess a domestic slave.

In the 5th century BC, Thucydides remarked on the desertion of 20,890 slaves during the war of Decelea, mostly tradesmen.


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