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The population of Torquay grew rapidly from 838 in 1801, to 11,474 in 1851.The second phase in the expansion of Torquay began when Torre railway station was opened on 18th December 1848.

The last air raid on Torquay took place on 29th May 1944.

The water sport events of the 1948 Summer Olympics were held in Torquay, with the Olympic flame being brought from London to Torre Abbey Gardens.[7] Torquay had aimed to be the official warm up venue for the 2012 Summer Olympics, but these will now take place in Weymouth.

Part of the Torquay seafront at high tide Since World War II, the nature of tourism in the United Kingdom has changed significantly.

Increasing wealth has meant that holidays abroad are now commonplace, and coastal towns are now more popular for short stays as part of a touring holiday.

Recently Torquay has seen an increase in foreign visitors, and is now a major destination for foreign exchange students.

It has a mild microclimate, and cabbage trees (often erroneously dubbed "Torbay Palms") are a notable feature of the area.

The area comprising modern Torquay has been inhabited since paleolithic times.

Hand axes found in Kents Cavern date to 450,000 years ago, and a maxilla fragment known as Kents Cavern 4 may be oldest example of a modern human in Europe.

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