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When it was time for the bill, she paid everything, also my coffees and cakes and didn't accept my money. I spent time alone in the malls and Anna was over an hour late.

I live in Europe but I visit in Asia often and will take paid leave on absence there later on this year.

I have an experience of relationship with Thai bargirls.

Later we met again, She asked if I had any idea what to do.

I told her that a man should always know but unfortunately I'm not from Jakarta.

In Thai cupids there is about 90 percent those short profiles but in Indonesia only 10 percent. I was sure most of them were middle or high class women with a decent job.

Some of them got my phone number and even asked when I intended to come to Indonesia.

I have been meeting an Indonesian 22 years old woman who has a baby.

I really found her in the bar in January 2008 and I intended to keep her only one night. She couldn't speak English and I was so crazy that somehow I kept contacting her and I learnt Indonesian very quickly because I was bored to talk with her friend. I have been telling her for a long time that she has to find a man who can really support her with the amount of money she needs. And of course, the small child needs a lot of money and she was not my child and the father of the child didn't support her.

When arriving in Soekarno-Hatta airport at midnight I felt desperate. Finally, I went to an illegal taxi and agreed an overrated price. The illegal taxi drove to dark roads of suburbs of Jakarta. Finally, I saw a small counter that was a phone shop open at 1 o'clock in the night.

This time there was not my sweet but money eager honey jumping on my lap. After exiting Customs there were lot of men grabbing me and asking what I wanted and trying to offer their services. They spoke only Indonesia and that was the first time I needed my language skills.

I was in Bangkok and took the flight to Jakarta, the city I had been three times before. Would I meet Anna who lives in Jakarta or Nadya who lives in Serpong, 30 km out of Jakarta. Everything seemed to be for sale in this 3rd world country. Then I needed a taxi or somebody who could say if there were any hotels in Serpong.


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