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Police officials insist the force investigates reported complaints and reports of corruption, while officers on the ground say they are exposed to violent crime on a regular basis.

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Not everyone thought that Kim should let Kenya slide.

At brunch, Phaedra Parks and Ne Ne Leakes encouraged Kim to be more forceful with Kenya. Phaedra compared Kenya to a bully whose face needs to be punched, as well as a rattlesnake whose head needs to be cut off.

She chastised Kenya for how she was treating Kim and for pulling out Kim’s chair, when she was still sitting on it, earlier in the trip. Shockingly, Kenya did apologize, albeit grudgingly.

'Personally I always said no to crime,' says Kiru, who buys and sells second-hand goods and picks up occasional work as a minibus driver to feed his two daughters and send them to school.

As the papal plane trundled across the tarmac, a Kenyan and a Vatican flag flying from the front, crowds decked in brightly-coloured clothes, arms around each other's shoulders, bounced up and down waiting for the plane to halt.

The pontiff, who will also visit Uganda and troubled Central African Republic (CAR) before flying back to Rome on Monday, is expected to call for the need to address inequality to ensure peace and end conflict.'I go with joy to meet Kenyans, Ugandans and our brothers in Central Africa,' he said during the flight to Kenya, where he played down fears for his safety, joking he was 'more worried about the mosquitoes.'A packed schedule will see the pope visit a Nairobi slum, a shrine to Christian martyrs in Uganda and both a mosque and a refugee camp in CAR.Alice said that her partner was killed in a shoot-out five years ago.It left her with no means to support herself and her newborn baby son, so she started working as a prostitute.Claire, 17, said she has been a sex worker since she was 14.One Korogocho man says his 20-year-old son was killed during a police operation last year.'It never ends well if you choose to become a criminal.


  1. For example, a BIOS update from Dell will be packaged into an executable file that will not only check to make sure the version of the BIOS you are installing is compatible with your system, but will also go ahead flash the BIOS without you having to manually do it.

  2. Jill told Jack about her (massive) student loans that financed her Masters degree and hinted that she was planning on camming to earn some extra money.

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  4. Since sarcasm isn’t often considered “abusive” by society, abusers use it as a way to escape accountability for their harsh, condescending tone and belittling behavior.

  5. And especially, I’ve been thinking about why I don’t much like Tim Winton or those other difficult authors. Sometimes I read crime novels as well, but not too often as I tend to get upset by the implication that you’re supposed to get some sort of readerly pleasure from the in-depth description of torture and serial killers going about their work. So anyhow, a few years ago, as I’ve said, the pink books went genre bending. And they no longer had pink covers – they had black covers. A chain of black gold hung about her neck in place of her usual crucifix -which was now tucked into her jewelry box at home. She had gone further to paint her nails with a clear coat, giving them a subtle shine (same book, pg 100). Oh man, I’m totally having horrible flashbacks as I type this.

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