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Andy Murray's sensational year comes to a fitting conclusion today with a knighthood in the New Year's honours list - but he insists he doesn't want to be called 'Sir Andy'.

The tennis star joined a glittering array of Olympic heroes handed gongs following their phenomenal success at the Rio Games.

Her brief marriage to songwriter Paul Simon was breaking up, following a miscarriage, and she was still recovering from losing the baby and the subsequent surgery.

On top of that, she was devastated that I was marrying again.

Mariah Idrissi was working in London's Westfield shopping centre when she was scouted by a global fashion giant and became the face of a major modelling campaign.

A whirlwind year and a half later and Mariah's life has completely changed and she has been heralded as the face of the modest-dressing movement.

George was gay, of course, but there has long been speculation about the nature of the pair's relationship and how far it went. Since then he has dedicated his life to their joint art foundation in Dallas, Texas, and its discreet work helping struggling young artists.

The couple (left) set up the Goss-Michael Foundation while they were together.

Users have taken to social media to comment on how tricky the new illusion is. ), of: 'How could they, it's a disaster, a scandal, an insult, the End of Days!

' So, my wish for 2017 is gentle moderation and a return to British understatement.

Todd and his wife, Catherine Hickland, along with other family members were seen carrying what's thought to be one of Reynolds' favorite red dress suits and handing it off to officials at the memorial park.

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