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There were really no buffering issues, and I liked the choice of multiple resolutions, as well as the option to go into full-screen mode.

The typical scene is in a club setting, with a camera panning around a drunken, half-nude crowd of party animals, many of whom are engaging in advanced sexual maneuvers.

Your part in all of this starts with the ability of watching the live 24/7 action as it takes place!

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Theyre making their privates public from Big Sister Live through a concept thats new to me and interesting!

The premise seems to be that a house is used for anyone to stop by, get naked and get it on, and over the past 3 years, theyre quoted as saying more than 24,000 folks have done that.

Older scenes only have two resolution choices, and honestly don't look quite as good, but newer scenes have not only improved in quality(the Small, and Medium are much larger, with clearly better encoding now) but have added a third option with true high def quality.

You can also stream the videos in a handy embedded player.

As far as original content is concerned, it looks like they update in the video and picture sections at least a few times a week, with large amounts of daily updates going on throughout the network.

I like the way the page for each episode is laid out.Drunk Sex Orgy won't be winning any prizes for originality as far as named are concerned. They promise that, via the murky lense of group sex, you'll experience interracial, lesbian, P. The first thing that tipped me off was the option to browse content by website. The tour, which is jam-packed with hot images, claims they cover all major niches. They also boast daily updates, which is always a plus, and they also feature H. This only indicates that your observational skills are still in tact.The photographer really did a great job of capturing the club atmosphere.While there aren't really any fancy flash shows or zoom tools on hand, there is quite a bit of flexibility in how you can view the galleries.All the pictures are in the JPEG format, and look to be professionally shot with a steady hand, in spite of the, no doubt, chaotic surroundings.

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