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Still, the constitution must be ammended before Lolicon may be illegal in the USA, from a legal perspective anyway. ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -------- Convicted guy: *On phone with friend in the police* Yo, dude, my porn just came in!

Whorley's conviction for receiving cartoons is the first conviction under the statute that was not based on actual photographs of children.

The jury also convicted Whorley of receiving 14 digital photographs of real children engaging in sexually explicit conduct and of sending and receiving 20 obscene E-mails which graphically described, among other things, parents sexually molesting their own children.

Anyway the guy that got put away for 20 years, it was really for the downloading of kids having sex, he would of gotten 20 years without having loli on his computer.

You do realise that the article states that it has been illegal since 2003, right? Either way, nobody has been convicted specifically for lolicon.

A notable aspect to their characters is that instead of actively pursuing their crushes, they instead sat in the background and waited for them to notice them instead.

In the manga they were responsible for a number of disturbances, such as replacing the boys' lunches with their (rather horrible) home-made lunches.The 2003 Prosecutorial Remedies and Other Tools to End the Exploitation of Children Today act (PROTECT - Public Law 108-21), defines computer images that are indistinguishable from real children engaging in sexually explicit conduct as child pornography, while simple drawings which are easily distinguishable from real children are not considered child pornography. Mc Nulty and Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division Alice S. Whorley was convicted on November 30, 2005, after a four-day jury trial, of using a public computer at a Virginia Employment Commission ("VEC") office on March 30, 2004, to receive 20 obscene Japanese anime cartoons that graphically depicted prepubescent female children being forced to engage in sexual intercourse with adult males. Whorley was convicted under a new federal statute enacted in 2003 that criminalizes the production, distribution, or receipt of, or the possession with intent to distribute obscene drawings, cartoons, sculptures, paintings or any other obscene visual representation of the sexual abuse of children. Whorley subsequently pled guilty to violating the conditions of his release and was sentenced to an additional 12 months of incarceration to be followed by 12 months of supervision by the United States Probation Office. He was arrested on the present charges on April 5, 2005-just three months after being released from incarceration-when United States Probation Officers learned that Whorley had received child pornography by using a computer at the VEC. Judge: LET THE FAPPING COMMENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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