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If anything, he will act more communicative than he normally is, in an effort to show you he is capable of talking about emotions (even though he hates it).6. He wants his friends to see you with him, and to introduce you to them.

If you’re looking for love, though, and want to find more than a fling, a partner not just a rando, there are plenty of ways to tweak your Tinder game.

From having a dating "study buddy" who helps you evaluate potential matches to making sure your profile is attracting the right people, here are some surprisingly effective Tinder methods to help you find love.

He is staking a claim to signal to other guys that you are otherwise occupied.

He is happy to admit that he is attracted to you.7.

You should never feel that he is secretive, especially about what he’s doing when he’s not with you.

If his friends don’t seem to know much about you or your role in his life, that is never a good sign.5. If he’s into it, he will not roll his eyes when you need to talk.But once he decides he likes you, he’ll want you to know it, so that you’ll stick around and like him back.He will show interest clearly by keeping in touch so that you don’t hook up with someone else.I think it is like seeing a cute person in a bar or bookstore and is simply another medium to meet people.Like anything in life, it all depends on your end goal.Yes, it is an easy way for non-relationship people to get easy access (no pun intended) to others who want a no-strings-attached rendezvous, too.


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