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I also love how the chat windows are easy to use and keeps track of customer emails.The mobile app proves to be extremely useful when I am on the go and allows me to connect with my customers with ease. Free for one agent and 100 chats per month, for life!

Our Natural Language Processing engine supports 26 languages. VERY easy to use, simple, straight-forward and AMAZING support from Ekim.

Had some issues with the icons and he was super prompt and fast to respond, helping me with some basic issues.

Without adding any additional manpower—you, too will see major results.

Train Your Bot Teach it the right responses to your customers’ questions.

REMARKABLE TECHNOLOGY Our natural language processing engine is unlike any other.

SEAMLESS EXPERIENCE Your bot is easy to train and provides exceptional customer interactions.

HELPFUL FEATURES Program shortcuts that allow your live agents to provide quicker responses.

CONVENIENT INTERFACE Easily switch between automated support and live agents.

In just a few keystrokes, they can find answer they’re looking for and reply to the customer – without having to type out the full response.

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