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If you need Girls Boys Sms then you need to stop your search here. If you need to get messages related to boys or girls so now days you can get it very easily. Boy: Lo Kar Lo Baat, Friendship Hui Nahi Farmaishan Shuru!

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because they know that somewhere a sweet & innocent girl is learning to be responsible for them.

***************** Women are like internet virus 1st they enter your life scan yours pockets transfer money edit your mind download their problems delete your smile and hang your life ***************** Son to his Father: My girlfriend has left me & she sent me "private pictures" with herself and her new boyfriend.... ***************** A nice pick-up line: Boy: Hey girl! ***************** Why boys are so careless & irresponsible??

Girl: I have a boyfriend Boy: I have a math test Girl: What? Why don't you take my Whatchamacallit and slip it up your Bit 'O' Honey? Your daddy must be a drug dealer, cuz you're so dope. I advise you to surrender immediately, or I'll have to use a chat up line.

" Instead of being the derivative, id much rather be the secant so i can touch u not only once, but twice Boy: Girl, whats your number? Boy: "Oh I must have forgotten the letters U R A Q T" Do You Like Nintendo? If I hired 1,000 artists and made them work for 100 years they still wouldn't be able to paint a picture that is as beautiful as you. You getting into those tight pants or me getting you out of them? "Give me 30 minutes over lunch, and i will win your heart, as you have already won mine." Hey beautiful, they call me Jolly Rancher cause I stay hard for a long time! "My boys over there bet that I wouldn't be able to start a conversation with the most beautiful girl in the room. " "Look you little Juicy Fruit, don't be a Zero, be a Lifesaver. (make her look) Would you like a gin and platonic or a Scotch and sofa?

***************** "Attitude of Girls" WHen a boy sends dirty sms SHE laughs 4R 10 minutes, forward THAT to her friends n then replies the boy. Aur Doosra: Wo kisi larki ko ajnabi nahin smajhtay....! ***************** Boy in restaurant sees a girl sitting. Girl: RAKSHAY or LARKAY 1 jaizay hotay hain, 1 ko bulao 5 chalay atay han ***************** Usually boys believe in what they see and girls believe in what they hear, that is why .... ***************** Most common chat on facebook: Boy: hey (after few second boy thinks kamini reply to degi hi nahi) Girl: hey hi (aa gaya kamina) Boy: hows u?

Pehla: Wo kisi ajnabi larki ko lift nahi karwaty.... ***************** Newton 2nd law of ishq: A boy in love with a girl continue to be in love with her & girl in love with a boy continue to be in love with him, until or unless any external agent (brother or father of the girl) come into the play & break the legs of the boy. Girls have fun by loving boys then boys cry for life time Funny but its a fact ***************** Boy: BUS or LARKEE 1 jaisy hote hain, 1 jati hai to dusri aa jati hy. ***************** Every girl deserves a guy Who makes her forget her heart was ever broken And every guy deserves a girl who appreciates his efforts.

") "Oh sorry my parents just told me to follow my dreams." Boy: "Hi, is your name Google? ) Boy: "Because you have everything I'm looking for! Hello, I'm Preston." Yawning Girl Pick Up Lines "I'm tired too. " How come i know the hundreds of digits of Pi, but not the 7 digits of your phone number? "Girl, I don't know if you're beautiful or not, I haven't got past your eyes!

Girl, you should sell hotdogs, because you already know how to make a weiner stand. " "You've been naughty go to your room, but if you want to be naughtier go to mine." "Hi, I'm the new Milkman.

***************** Boys ki zindagi k 2 asool hain... ***************** Boy: Boys are intelligent then girls! Boy: you always say intelli GENTS but you never say intelli LADIES! ***************** Boy: Main tmhy apna bana k chorga. 2nd boy: oh i remember them by the parts i like the best. ***************** Boys have fun by teasing girls, then girls cry for few mins. Tin Tin Tin ***************** Boy to a careless girl: I Love you! Girl: Ha Ha ha Boy: I will buy a diamond ring for u Girl: A Girl to Boy: Sab Chod Chad K Apne Salim Ki Gali Anarkali Disco Chali.


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  5. Who wants to waste time if the person you are with isn’t going in the same direction as you are?

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