Pic swap dating

Nelle clearly has an agenda with Carly and this is a perfect opportunity to help Carly out and provide her some important information.

So Carly will go confront Ava and General Hospital spoilers tease that this will turn into an all-out brawl.

Ava can’t ever hold back and will get nasty with Carly. Remember that epic catfight between Ava and Carly at the holiday gala?

He and his wife, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, have been named one of Ebony magazine’s “10 Hottest Couples”, in a cover story that also declared their recent nuptials among the “Top Weddings of the Year”.

Dondré’s recent credits include the NBC comedies, Hidden Hills (2002) and Inside Schwartz (2001).

Christian has performed live in several national stage plays. Harris” in Tyler Perry’s “What’s Done In The Dark”.

Christian was (SONNY), the lead in Tyler Perry’s “Madea Goes To Jail”.

Carly will attack her with all the fury of a mother bear protecting her cub.

Carly knows Morgan is taking his meds – she even witnessed him taking his pills, so it doesn’t make sense to Carly why he’s spinning out. He’s ranting, enrolling in college full-time out of the blue, and is in an obvious manic state.

But instead of going to Avery’s room, she stopped by Morgan’s room and swapped out his pills while no one was around.

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