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I can not take her as my wife since marriage is more to do with trust and honesty and if she was cheating her husband how can I trust her that she will be faithful to me.

After all I had asked her for a break and I cant live together with Patrick's kids as they are not mine.

A Harare man last week chased his wife out of their matrimonial home after discovering in her Whats App conversations that she was paying another m,an for sex and sending him photographs of her private parts.

Patrick confronted Faith over the Whats App conversations and she admitted to adultery and in fear she led Patrick to Tonderai's apartment."Faith lied tome that she had separated with her husband and I believed her because she was ever asking for sex that sometimes I would have it at their garage in her car and at my house," said Tonderai."If you went through all our conversations for the past six months you discovered that I was under pressure from her as she demanded time for sex and paid me sometimes for delaying me to do my work.I will meet my in-laws for a way forward," he said.Tonderai said Faith lied to him that she had separated with her husband and was under pressure as she constantly demanded intercourse.Please excuse me for now, I can not say anything more to answer those questions," she said as she tried to evade the camera I am a beautiful malawian lady 37 yrs, married but my husband does not give me enough sex and money. Only big dicks can contact 0614424929, always available when you need me.


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