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Approximately 60% of restaurants fail within three years. There are tons of restaurants competing for business. Imagine my elation when I discovered that he started the deli! I know all about the missed holidays, the horrible hours, the late nights, and the crazy staff members.

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When I look at job ads they are offering the same wages I was making in 2008.

In most restaurants there are maybe one or two people (chef and sous-chef) who get a decent salary, but often they are working 60-80 hours a week for no extra pay over what they would have made for 40 hours.

I enjoy cooking at home, but a restaurant environment is something completely different. When it's not busy, you are either stuck scraping some grease in the corner or you are going home.

It's a business in which employee's rights are rarely recognized - no overtime pay, no holiday pay, no breaks (even though they deduct money for them), no chance to eat even though you are working with food all day long.

After seeing what goes on in there I don't want to take the risk. If you are worried about your weight then skip the fries and soft drink, eat some fruit when you get home instead.

Derek V said (April 17, 2015): have often pondered the explosion of sushi restaurants on every street corner many of which look desolate.

If you want to stay and drink and enjoy life you do. Good luck to all people who want to open a restaurant. But before I turned 18 I was, by default of others, made the night short order cook and then the chef. This made most of those inquirers irate but he knew whereof he spoke. You do not "manage" a restaurant from a distance or you will be broke almost instantly. SS said (April 15, 2015): Allow me to make some observations about buffet clientele. Of course there are obese men, but far fewer than women, at least in the buffets I attend. Moving on to the overweight division, women lead that class too. The Illuminati want it as capital of their New World Order.

But don't count on me eating there - I've already been boycotting you for years. I learned on the job in the days when restaurants had stock pots, ovens and hot tables instead of everything coming out of five gallon buckets (mostly full of soy beans with a little flavor added) as they are today. We even made our own fries in those days and all deep fries also used real food - lard; not unhealthy soy bean oil. Much more food will walk out the back door than will be sold to customers. You will be giving up most all the holidays that your family wants you to celebrate at home. Some customers will use you as a foil to show off to others how much better they can prepare food by sending it back for redoing when it is fine. You will be called in on your day off anytime someone else doesn't show up because you are trained for that particular restaurant while strangers would be lost. No matter how much better than your customers you understand good food you had better give them what they are used to or you will be running a mausoleum in no time. I believe it is in large part due to the entitlement demographic, basically doing nothing but sitting around waiting for the next stipend. The blatant Masonic symbolism in the Rothschild-built Israeli Supreme Court is a tip-off.

Adrian said (April 16, 2015): What you describe can be summarized as:don't open a restaurant in a "developed" nation where taxes and government meddling ruin any hope of self determination.


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