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Your virtuosity is displayed daily, and an ability to maintain a high level, non delineated performativity appears to be an individuals most valued commodity.

Within this context the overslept and the under-rested present as problems, unable to regulate their bodily desires in line with an ever increasing working day.

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Lithuanian women are also trafficking victims in Western Europe and Scandinavia.

Lithuanian children and adults are increasingly forced to engage in criminal activities, such as shoplifting, theft, and drug selling, in Nordic countries and Western Europe.

The national audit office published a self-critical review of its efforts as a means to guide future progress.

The government began to phase out state-run orphanages, where children are vulnerable to exploitation, in favor of the foster care system; however, some police officers failed to recognize sex trafficking among women coerced into prostitution and children exploited for commercial sex.

PROSECUTION The government demonstrated progress in law enforcement efforts.

Lithuania prohibits all forms of trafficking through articles 147 and 157 of its criminal code, which prescribe penalties ranging from two to 12 years’ imprisonment.

It includes interviews, conversations, commissioned texts and a portfolio of images, with contributions by Pierre Vittorio Aureli, Steve Wozniak & Gwen Stefani among others. 7 are sketches for photographic images ultimately intended for the publication.

(Maya Tounta, 22 October 2015) Olivia and Luis' publication can now be purchased from here.

A working group established by the General Prosecutor’s Office completed recommendations for best practices for law enforcement and public officials on victim identification, investigations, and interagency coordination; the relevant government agencies endorsed those recommendations and began implementation in December 2015.

The interior ministry drafted a government resolution in December 2015 to create an inter-ministerial body with NGO representation to coordinate national efforts.

During the reporting period, the government greatly increased the available training for police, prosecutors, and judges.

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