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And so, for album number five, he decided to rectify the problem, and create a little spice.

For starters, he has christened it Confessions, and filled it with profoundly personal songs about emotional heartache and the inconveniences that arise when you impregnate another woman behind your girlfriend's back.

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Today in order to recover I just have to admit and accept my allergy to lust as a matter of fact.

If I have an allergy for examply to strawberries, I can try to eat strawberries over and again, every time trying not to get an allergic reaction with all my willpower – and always ‘failing’.

It helps me to remember that I am powerless over it.

When I can then let the temptation go, without having to take a drink from it, my sanity is momentarily restored.

The exact composition of the chemistry may vary, depending on whether I am stealing a look on the street, flirting with a coworker, consuming porn with my eyes or recalling sexual memories in my mind.

But in any case, my body has developed an abnormal reaction to the chemistries released when I start using sex and porn as a drug.

It makes no sense, because willpower is useless against an allergy!

So every time there is a temptation for me to start lusting or acting out sexually, I try to remember immediately my powerlessness over lust, pornography and sexual acting out – both over the obsession of the mind and over the allergy of the body.

Quite destructive, one might say – as with most allergies.


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