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But as Martha Teichner reports, that’s actually not at all unprecedented in American politics.

For more info: | Watch Video Has Election 2016 been God’s gift to humorists?

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NATURE UP CLOSE: Mount Rushmore National Park COVER STORY: | Watch Video When it comes to the presidential election, there’s one thing many Americans can actually agree on: by Wednesday it should be over.

The campaign has been ugly and divisive to a tremendous degree.

For more info: | Watch Video Conor Knighton continues his trek through our National Parks, visiting the only U. The magnitude 6.6 tremblor was the strongest to hit the nation in 35 years. HEADLINES: FBI head’s letter “deeply troubling” (Video)A defiant Hillary Clinton is criticizing FBI director Jame Comey’s controversial letter to Congress, just days before the election, saying the agency is investigating a new batch of emails belonging to Clinton aide Huma Abedin and which are said to number in the thousands.

Jeff Pegues reports a new search warrant has still not been obtained.

Serena Altschul checks out the history and artistry of Hanukkah lamps. COVER STORY: Trading a grocery store trip for home delivery | Watch Video Online grocery sales have increased 15% since 2015, while meal kits mailed to your home are taking off. For more info: ART: Curating a museum’s menu | Watch Video Visitors who feast their eyes at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art can also feast on reproductions of classic dishes by the world’s greatest chefs. For more info: SUPERFOODS: Turmeric, the spice of life | Watch Video One of the most talked-about superfoods is being tested for medicinal use against a variety of diseases, from Alzheimer’s and diabetes to cancer. For more info: RESTAURANTS: Chef Rene Redzepi and the transformation of Noma | Watch Video His Copenhagen restaurant has been consistently named the world’s best -- and now he’s shutting it down, with a new plan in mind. For more info: MO ROCCA: The Cheese Nun | Watch Video Mother Noella, of the Abbey of Regina Laudis, practices the sacred art of cheesemaking.

For more info: MOVIES: Adam Driver on entering the fast lane | Watch Video The actor plays a bus driver in “Paterson” and a Jesuit priest in the historical drama “Silence” -- far from a lightsaber-wielding villain. For more info:‘TIS THE SEASON: “All I Want for Christmas Is You” | Watch Video For 22 years Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” has been the Christmas gift that keeps on giving. WEB EXCLUSIVE: Mother Noella on the science and spirituality of cheesemaking (Video)In this web exclusive, Mother Noella, a Benedictin Nun of the Abbey of Regina Laudis, talks with correspondent Mo Rocca about enzymes - the catalyst in the traditional cheesemaking process - and how they relate to the spiritual. For more info: DINING OUT: 10 restaurants that changed America | Watch Video Delmonico’s, which invented the fine dining experience in 1837, is just one of the restaurants that shaped how Americans eat. For more info: TRENDS: Hot chicken: Nashville’s local indelicacy | Watch Video Fried chicken doused in cayenne and enough spices to make you sweat is an addictive combination of pleasure and pain. For more info: GIVING: How one restaurant nourishes the soul | Watch Video Staplehouse, in a converted warehouse in Atlanta, devotes 100% of its profits to The Giving Kitchen, which benefits restaurant workers in need. For more info: HISTORY: “The Jemima Code”: A history of African-American cooking | Watch Video In “The Jemima Code,” author Toni Tipton-Martin explores a commercial stereotype, and highlights the stories and recipes of African-Americans’ contributions to the American table. WEB EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: A Southern chef’s legacy In this web exclusive, chef Chris Williams talks with Michelle Miller about the legacy of his great-grandmother, the African American chef, cookbook author and entrepreneur Lucille Bishop Smith. NATURE UP CLOSE: Elk and wild turkeys at Great Smoky National Park COVER STORY: The view of voters in West Virginia coal country | Watch Video Ted Koppel talks with Donald Trump supporters in West Virginia, a state where 69 percent of voters supported the Republican nominee, to hear what they hope will come out of the Trump presidency.

For more info: BOBBY FLAY: Greek diners run in their blood | Watch Video Contributor Bobby Flay looks at the Greek diner -- multi-generational joints with lots of character, and lots of items on the menu! )For more info: STEVE HARTMAN: Wedding gift (Video)Brandon and Kathy Gunn, of Northville, Mich., have been married nine years now, and yet they just recently opened their last wedding present. Beatty talks about his stellar career and his latest film, “Rules Don’t Apply.”For more info: PASSAGE: In memoriam (Video) TV: Trevor Noah: Finding humor in the darkest of times | Watch Video Growing up under South Africa’s apartheid system, the host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” sees a painful past as a story of triumph. BOOK EXCERPT: Read a selection from Trevor Noah’s memoir, “Born a Crime”For more info: VETERANS: The Good Cemeterian | Watch Video Andrew Lumish, of Tampa, Fla., devotes his energies to scrubbing the grime and moss from veterans’ gravestones, to reveal the names and lives of the departed. For more info: PASSAGE: Election 2016 by the numbers (Video)Jane Pauley breaks down this week’s presidential election.

NATURE: Great Smoky Mountains (Extended Video)We leave you this Sunday Morning among the autumn colors of the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. IN MEMORIAM: Bill Flanagan on Leonard Cohen (Video)Leonard Cohen, one of the greatest songwriters of our time, has passed away at the age of 82.

Rita Braver reports on the adult coloring craze, with visits to bestselling artist Steve Mc Donald (“Fantastic Cities”), and art therapist and author Lacy Mucklow (“Color Me Happy”).

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Art by the numbers (Video)Critics sniffed, but paint by numbers was a popular fad in the 1950s.

From late-night TV to satire and political cartoons, Lee Cowan takes note of what’s made this difficult year a laughing matter.


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