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I had to rush to clean the entire apartment, pick up my cat, and then get up early the next morning to go to a huge food shop so I had stuff to cook for him.Then, he left me a voice note early Sunday morning – and that was the last I heard from him all day. I called, I texted and by 5pm on Sunday I was absolutely livid. He was rude and just hung up after a couple of minutes. I couldn’t believe the person I had been communicating with daily for over a month had suddenly become someone else completely. He was saying ‘hurry up home’ while I was away, making all the plans for the Sunday. After some angry text exchanges he called me a nutter. w=1024" class="img-align-none size-full wp-image-6246883" src=" w=1024&h=724" alt="'My story of how my boyfriend shared intimate pics online'" width="1024" height="724" / Having heard nothing, I then, one evening, got added by him back into the lads group chat, only for a couple of minutes. He had used one of my nudes from holiday and zoomed all the way in to my V, then uploaded it to the group chat icon image so all 15 lads could then see my private parts. I then texted…and the response from him was: I was overreacting, it was meant to be funny, just banter, it was only my crotch so the lads didn’t know it was me…and I should calm down.Though we are avidly pro-nudity in our personal lives and have even been known to be unclad ourselves on occasion, we can safely say we’ve never a date sans clothes.

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Judge Fanning said that if the emails and texts had been sent in the course of the relationship they would not be harassment, but added: "It is the letter that is sent to the school which has triggered the complaint."Defence solicitor Victoria Molloy agreed: "The complainant did not have an issue until the letter."She did not want to make a complaint until then."The restraining order prohibits Scott from contacting Mrs Fitton in any manner.

He must not enter her street nor go near Masham Primary School.

This will help you to know what's right and wrong so you can make safe choices that you are happy with.

There are lots of different laws in the UK that are there to protect you and some which ensure young people take responsibility for their actions.

Architect Andrew Scott, 39, had a brief relationship with head teacher Joanne Fitton after they met on an internet dating site.

But Scott, of Bingley, West Yorks, posted the explicit images of Mrs Fitton, 39, to governors of Masham Primary School, in North Yorkshire, after she ended the relationship.

By the great and mysterious powers of the internet, they are also available to ogle in perpetuity.

(And there are several inches of which to ogle.) Head here to see what we’re babbling about (but be wary of any prying eyes).

In the revenge porn correspondence Scott questioned whether Mrs Fitton, who joined the rural school in 2014 as head, was suitable for the role.

Scott is now the subject of a restraining order for two years, banning him from contacting Mrs Fitton or going within 100 yards of the school.

that airs on UK’s Channel Four, and a recent contestant was none other than strapping Mr.

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