Advantages to dating an older woman

If you haven’t tried it, you should at least consider it for the future based on the following reasons…Usually when a man is much older than you, he has himself together financially. If he’s substantially older, he’s had time to learn a lesson or two about saving and making money while many younger guys are still learning. He’s broken a few hearts, had his heart broken and probably dealt with many types of emotions when it comes to relationships.Basically, I was teaching them how to love me or treat me and how to be more cultured and well-rounded. While they may never really understand us, I believe the older they are the more they ‘get’ women.

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Sure, he may still go out with his guys; but not nearly as much as he used to (or at least not for so many hours).

So if you’re looking for a guy who has gotten the club scene out of his system, older guys are usually a good look.

When women brag on their online profiles about how “sassy” they are and their college degrees, that’s also gender myopia. Of course the best woman is one who want you to pay for the date at all because she’s truly independent, but if you had to pick between one of the two above women, which of them would probably make a better long-term girlfriend? Younger women put men through these “paces” but older women don’t? Has this woman ever been on a first date with a woman over 33?

In both cases, they’re doing what would turn the other gender rather than attracting them. She just said that because she has money, you should by her a nice dinner and should not expect her to kick in for the cost. Did she forget that just 20 seconds ago she told men to buy older women expensive dinners?

When you date a younger woman, he said, you also date all her friends, and it’s “a pain in the fucking ass.” You can’t just go out and do your own thing because she must receive approval from a larger governing body.

Then come back and tell me which age group is almost completely dominated by their “checklists” when it comes to men and dating. I once went out with a young man from Queens who only dated older women because younger ladies, he found, couldn’t do a thing without checking in with 15 of their friends.

The older a man is, the more likely he is to set out to reach more stable goals.

In an attempt to keep this as G-rated as possible, the more experience a man has had in pleasing a woman–not just having casual sex with her–the better he will probably be at pleasing you.

It’s never too late to pursue goals or passions, but the older a man is, the more sure he is of what he wants or doesn’t want to do with his life.

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