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but after the installation asked me to restart the computer stopped working... I have the same problem, but I think that im doing something wrong, what do you mean whit hold down the insert/scroll key??? My drive was set up originally for AHCI but after the bios update and removing the CMOS battery, it was showing as RAID. I am not sure if the updated bios was removed after removing the CMOS battery but the original bios was recovery BIOS Phenix in Pavilion notebook You need: - FDD Disk (You must do this with Crisi Disk program with to Your laptop) - Floppy on USB - turn on notebook with keys Windows and B to start in ZOMBIE MODE. WPH to your laptop You must get from file from HP site - Bios.

it wont boot and is stuck at the screen with HP invent LOGO. WPH file You can uncompressed from by the 7-ZIP program. originally procedure: Remove your your battery (or battery and hard disk).

When I enter the OS disk I can go through the install process no problem.

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After it successfully flashed the bios I plugged everything back in and works perfect again! I almost open my laptop just to find the reset button on the bios battery, and then I searching for answer you just need to change the boot mode from UEFI to Legacy..

If the computer does not boot after updating the BIOS, try the following: Clear the CMOSClearing the CMOS memory can solve BIOS corruption, but causes you to lose all customized settings in the BIOS.

If the power led start, release the `Fn'and `B' button. Your computer will reset itself and start in Windows!! Powered on, it did some beeping then I saw the light access of my flash drive, when the light stop I released win b, it did some beeping then the cpu fan quick in (I knew then I was in good shape because it's the sound it make when the bios is flashing) then it stop and more beeping for 30 secs then it powered itself off .. If the booting doesn't succeed, try a different timing on releasing the `Fn' and `B' button.

good luck Thanks a Million for that piece of advice.

Hello Dears, I have updated my BIOS via Lenovo BIOS updater and everything went successfully and it asked me to restart your computer after updating BIOS and now I do not get any display , I have waited for like 10-15 min to see if i can see anything and i saw it booted and i have updated my drivers for win 7 ultimate and upon restart again i dont have any display and i am waiting 20 more to see if i get anything .

Anyone else face the same problem here after updating BIOS?Troubleshooting System Boot Issues If clearing the CMOS and doing a BIOS recovery do not resolve a no-boot situation, see Troubleshooting System Boot Issues.Hello all, I am having an issue with a buddy's older Acer Rig.Had the computer about 3 days, and was receiving some strange errors reporting unrecogized USB devices not recognized and a buggy USB driver. 3) Waited, pensively, for 5ish minutes (read several places to wait for 20 minutes; I didn't) 4) Plugged the power cord back in (I did NOT reinsert the battery) 5) Holding down the Insert/Scroll button, I held the power button down for 20-30 seconds.Nothing happened until I released the power button.You also need to reset date and time in the BIOS setup after clearing the CMOS.


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