Ali roberto dating

The two planned on getting married after the show but they broke up in November 0f 2011.

reports that the reality star met Manno, 29, in Chicago and the two immediately hit it off.

Ali Fedotowsky, who chose Roberto Martinez on The Bachelorette two summers ago, is said to be less than thrilled about rumors that say he's in talks to be The Bachelor.

Despite reports to the contrary, Roberto Martinez may still be in the running to be the next star of The Bachelor, according to the best source there is.

Roberto was being courted by the network several months ago, though no agreement was reached, and he was reportedly dating Kara Ramos at the time. With rumors circulating over Roberto Martinez being cast as the next Bachelor, and with a $500,000 paycheck reportedly sitting on the table if he were to accept, sources tell Star Magazine the reality star has turned down ABC's generous offer.

Is Roberto Martinez next in line to star as The Bachelor?

Martinez, the former fiance of Ali Fedotowsky, who was The Bachelorette star before Emily Maynard and Ashley Hebert, is rumored to be returning to the franchise.

But with no wedding on the horizon, is there trouble afoot?

Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez are still planning on walking down the aisle.

According to her Twitter feed, Fedotowsky have been busy playing Wii bowling, watching movies and go karting.

Do you think Ali Fedotowsky’s relationship will last now that she’s not being followed around by a film crew?

Fedotowski’s previous romance was televised in front of thousands as she was wooed by potential bachelors.


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