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I was taking in so many orders that I was at a point where I needed to either do cakes or stay unhappy at my day job. My biggest issue is usually when I take too many orders in a week and have to figure out how to get them finished. My happiness is knowing that my customer feels happy when they see their cake. I had never made a cake that big, or used that much fondant. It was for my son, so I had that in the back of my mind to keep me from going crazy with worry. Waking up is definitely different now being able to work from home.

With lots of encouragement and thought; I decided to just take the chance on cakes. A lot of times, my customers don’t even know what they want really. I have been in bakeries and seen how they treat the orders. When someone orders a cake from me, it is extremely important that I do my best work every time. I have had people cry, jump up and down, hug me and be speechless when they pick up their order. Which cake has been the most challenging for you to create due to the amount of detail required or the shape / moving parts: for example, your Batman cake or your orthodontics cake completed with braces and the white smile. Any cake that is carved, really tall or really heavy is going to be a challenge. Some cakes are challenging just because of little details. I don’t really rush around trying to get somewhere.

I donated some cute cupcakes to a bake sale at my son’s school, and that really started something! I ask a few questions regarding design and size, and then create a quote for them. I’m responsible for all communication, shopping, cleaning, baking, decorating and delivery.

It was supposed to be a hobby, but my name was passed around so much I was blessed with enough to have a business.

I have even tried to stop doing cakes in the past because I just didn’t have the time, but the calls wouldn’t stop. A bride ordered it as a surprise for her groom, and when she saw it, she cried! Doing something that doesn’t make you happy makes everything else miserable too.

I met Kassidi as a student and have watched her succeed and continue her education for her passion in web design over the years. I have also employed Kassidi to help me run my small business and she is very loyal, honest and hard working.

I had started working for a large company and was not very happy there, plus I was spending 3-4 hours driving each day. When people made such a big deal about the taste, it was surprising to me. There have been orders I’ve actually tried to get out of because I was afraid it wouldn’t turn out great, but my customers always seem to have confidence in me and encourage me to try. Every time I made one though, the cake would get equal attention. I always have someone telling me, ” I was at a wedding and the cake was pretty but tasted horrible. I stand at the oven and watch them bake so they do not dry out. Also, how would you describe the challenging aspects of what you do now compared to the job you left with its unique challenges and stressors, and how have you been able to use what you’ve learned to apply some of those skills to Sugar and Ribbons?

The chef of the hotel even came to talk to me about it. I have had so many awesome reactions – it’s hard to list them. There are days when I don’t want to look at a cake.

It’s still a job, but it’s a job that I get to make people happy in the end, and that makes me happy!

The pro-choice group also took issue with a Snickers ad for being 'transphobic' and panned a Hyundai commercial starring comedian Kevin Hart as a paranoid dad who follows his daughter on her first date.

Hundreds vented their frustration at Australian filmmaker Peter Carstairs' commercial, which ends with the mother screaming and giving birth ahead of schedule, and all because her baby could not resist the draw of the Doritos chips.

Buried in Calvary, Kawkawlin Michigan Name: Sabra E.


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