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A man at 32 is an eligible bachelor who can marry a girl of any legal age though will likely be uninterested in one his own age or shall I dare say *** To conclude, there's no denying parents want the best, but sometimes in their well intentions, they end up doing a world of harm.

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Dating is weird for everyone, so let’s try to make it a little less weird by creating an open dialogue.

Good luck and may the is a recent Chemical Engineering graduate from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

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He'll go with his family for a dinner prepared painstakingly for him.

And some men are so damn cavalier traveling cross-country, eating at their homes and then dismissing her for one hurtful reason or other.

The community that discouraged all relationships your entire life is now asking when you’re getting married… How can we be expected to seek a serious relationship when our entire lives we never exactly had support or guidance when it comes to the topic of dating?

How do we incorporate the Indian movie ideal of romance in America?

All through high school the common theme among Indian parents was, “don’t focus on boys/girls.” “No boyfriend/girlfriend business, focus on your studies.” During college I had many friends who were scared to tell their parents about their respective relationships (I could not muster up the courage to tell my parents about my own relationship until the ripe age of 21).

What’s funny is that once we graduate college or grad school the situation turns around 180 degrees.

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