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Kathryn says she is starting a vintage jewelry line and selling pieces only. Landon literally laughs in her face and Cameran is right next to her giggling.

Any calls Kathryn out for lying about being pregnant at the reunion.

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Kathryn is back and she lets us know that Thomas shaved his entire body before the drug testing. She says the rumors that she is being uncooperative.

She says all she wants is an agreement and to co-parent with Thomas.

They show Landon talking about Kathryn being manipulative with her hospital emergency. Thomas says that his opinion of Jennifer has changed because she is pregnant and found out that her child has Downs Syndrome and opted to carry the baby to term. Why is the pregnant woman who had little role on the show at the reunion instead of K. Andy says he wants Kathryn and Thomas to work things out and get back together. Landon just chimes in about whatever she thinks will piss off Kathryn. She could literally get hit by a bus and die at this point and I would not care in the slightest. This causes Landon to defend her constant posting of Instagram pictures of every moment she can manipulate herself to be near Thomas.

It sounds like Jennifer slept with Thomas only once. The bitch is obviously extremely jealous of Kathryn and deliberately stirring shit to derail their relationship.

He gets half way into saying that he had already apologized with the dolphin cunt interrupts again to answer for Thomas. Thomas and Landon continue to deny sleeping together.

Andy points out that Shep and Craig both indicated they believe that Landon and Thomas slept together.

Since the show, Joslyn has done some test shoots and now lives in Los Angeles.

She has modeled for Reset Couture and appeared in a commercial.

Ne Ne Leakes “admits” to her season-long wrong-doings, Kandi Burruss stands up to her biggest “hater,” Phaedra Parks continues her whore-pocrisy and Claudia Jordan playfully challenges a frenemy to take legal action against her. The OG Housewife was missing for most of the season as she prepared for her role in Broadway’s — but she still manages to ruffle the feathers of her fellow Housewives. When Andy asks who the tweet referred to, Ne Ne admits that it was aimed at Kandi, who’s been “negative” this whole season. Kandi says that she doesn’t hate Ne Ne herself, but does hate her “superior complex.” She’s also still still hurt by her seemingly broken friendship with Phaedra — and how Phaedra and Ne Ne banded together. Phaedra and Kenya are back at each others’ throats even though they appeared to be on good terms at the end of their group trip.

Here are the four shadiest statements from the night! It’s obvious that she’d rather be on the Great White Way instead of with her fellow Housewives and “friends”…so she comes up with a lazy, half-hearted response to every jab thrown at her. “When you and Cynthia stopped being friends, it was like all of a sudden it was okay to be friends with me and Phaedra,” Kandi tells Ne Ne. Kenya takes a jab at Porsha Williams for not following in the footsteps of her grandfather, Civil Rights leader Hosea Williams. She’s been leaning on her faith as she deals with husband Apollo Nida completing his eight-year prison sentence — and her new life as a single mother to two young boys.

I cannot take recapping any more of this Landon interfering in the relationship between the parents of two kids.


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