Austin butler and ashley tisdale dating

Rumors are rife that Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are totally reuniting soon via "High School Musical 4" movie.

Sources have claimed that the former lead stars of the drama-musical movie have agreed to work together again because of their dimming showbiz careers.

As she (and her dog, Boi) perform at a local event in Albuquerque, New Mexico, she is recognized by a talent agent from Broadway who has interest in her and wants her to come out to audition in Broadway for a show starring Amber Lee Adams (played by Cameron Goodman), a star that Sharpay looks up to.

So, Sharpay goes to New York to make it big on Broadway and with the help of her new friend Peyton (played by Austin Butler), the two try to make it in the big city. My character is a film student who meets Sharpay and teaches her the ins and outs of living in the big city of New York.

We have such good chemistry and have so much fun together it felt perfect. Sharpay is a really honest girl; she just says what she wants. A couple years ago, I used to be addicted to My Space.

Sometimes she needs to be more censored, but I think she’s a really sweet girl on the inside. We had so much fun filming it so there definitely was something special, but we couldn’t have imagined all the success it had. I’m not addicted to any social networks at the moment. Q – What do you feel the High School Musical franchise has brought to the American movie industry? I met Austin filming a movie “Aliens In The Attic.” We clicked right away.

I would like to take on challenging characters that I can really sink my teeth into. Q – You two worked together on “Aliens in the Attic”.

What was it like to go back to work on the same set for this project? I was actually the one to mention Austin for the character.

With the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD release of “Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure”, J! Amith and other journalists from entertainment media took part in a media Q&A roundtable with actress Ashley Tisdale and actor Austin Butler. I have a couple of favorite designers, Elizabeth and James, J Brand, Mui Mui, Chanel, Rebecca Taylor, Christian Louboutin. It can go from Cali girl to rocker chic and bohemian! He helps her pursue her dream of becoming a Broadway Star. Q – Would you like to be friend of your character in your real life? It was one of the best experiences so there definitely are times where I miss working with that cast.

Here is a transcript of themedia Q&A roundtable interview with Ashley and Austin. The best part is we are all so close, so whenever I’m with them it reminds me of everything we’ve been through.

Among the personalities that are expected to return in "High School Musical 4" film are Ashley Tisdale and Corbin Bleu.

Informants have stated that Ashley Tisdale is going to become a music teacher in "High School Musical 4" movie while Corbin Bleu will act as the coach of the Wild Cats basketball team.

My ideal partner would be a girl who is easy to talk to and has a great sense of humor.

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