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If you are having problems activating your game you can also visit the manual unlock website read the Offline 'Data Check and Product Activation' Guide carefully and follow the steps as described.

Afterwards I just corrected the date and time to the present time.

You can change your windows time in the bottom right corner. It can be very frustrating not knowing what is stopping you from playing a game in pc.

Then Install the GTA 4 again when it completely installed u can turn on your firewall and antivirus again. thanks friend i changed my date to august 2014 and it was done 100% if anyone is having problem related to date check just change ur computers date to august 2014 u can choose any day of august.

example: 1 august 2014 and you are done @idavini Hey I had the same problem exactly Release Date Check error after getting stuck in 30% even though I was connected to the Internet.

After entering the request code and the serial number, a window told me that my game was activated and release date checked. I have already un-installed and re-installed and the Manual Activation button still doesn't work and neither does the Internet Activation. I tried multiple things as well Reinstalling, uninstalling over and over downloaded patches, etc and nothing worked, then I saw in a forum to make sure the date was correct in either the bios and the OS.

However, I didn't install the GTA IV Offline Installer after from the same support website, and now when I start Grand Theft Auto 4 it keeps doing a release date check, and whenever I try clicking on the 'Activate Manually' option, nothing happens and I am stuck on the same 'Release Date Check Failure' Window, seemingly forever... So my date was correct but since I had installed GTA IV before with no problems I thought it might be a glitch with the date synchronized server or something, so I changed my Windows date to august 2014 (probably any month and day of 2014 will do) before I installed GTA IV and I didn't have that problem anymore, it asked me for the serial code just like before with no issues at all.

After installing it, it prompted a 'Release Date Check' window.

While checking, the progress froze at 30% and another window opened that gave me the options of retrying or manually activating.

Note: This phone number translates to "CAR-555-0100". Note: This phone number translates to "WET-555-0100". Note: This phone number translates to "MBK-555-0100". Note: This phone number translates to "MBK-555-0150".

Spawn Super GT Dial "2275550168" on the cell phone.

Please note that Internet access is required for an online release date check of this game.

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