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The pop diva's Bahamian estate served as the backdrop for the couple's beachside nuptials.Mariah was definitely more subtle for this second walk down the aisle, donning a Nile Cmylo slip dress perfect for a beach bride.

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The lavish $500,000 affair was fit for royalty, allegedly inspired by Princess Diana and Prince Charles's wedding.

Mariah even wore a Princess Diana-inspired over-the-top dress — complete with 10-foot veil and 27-foot train — courtesy of Vera Wang. The guest list was a who's-who of the 1990s music industry — Barbra Streisand, Michael Bolton, Bruce Springsteen, Dick Clark, and Ozzy Osbourne.

Bannerman Town was named after Sir Alexander Bannerman, a Scotsman who was governor of the Bahamas during the 1850's.

(It's not clear whether the town, like many or even most settlements on Eleuthera, had an earlier name before the 1850's.) Located on a hilltop halfway between Lighthouse Beach and the site of modern Bannerman Town, the original Bannerman Town site once boasted homes, businesses, and cobbled streets.

"So I went back to the fabric store in the morning and started over again and came back with something a little more appropriate."To celebrate their surprise wedding, the new Mr. Sadly, their love affair would also come to an end and the couple would file for divorce in 2014, though the papers haven't been signed yet — hence the holdup on Mariah's third walk down the aisle.

For his part, Nick Cannon has said he is not likely to marry again after his divorce from Mariah is finalized.

The oldest site is perhaps the remains of the original colony near Preacher's Cave, although supposedly what little remains of this settlement has been buried by sand dunes.

Larger, more modern ruins such as the Old Bannerman Town ghost town on the southern tip of the island and the abandoned US military base in Central Eleuthera offer the visitor a full day of exploration.

Eleuthera contains a surprising number of ruins even in light of its long history.

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