Bd p1600 locked up after updating firmware

sorry to hear that, I didn't think about that being a problem too, I looked the file you need, and I can't seem to find it either, either way, I will likely not buy any samsung products in the future.

bd p1600 locked up after updating firmware-31

As annoying as continuous Blu-ray player updates are, usually having the latest one is the best way to play more movies.

Unfortunately the opposite was the case for Samsung (again) with the v2.09 update posted recently for its 2009 BD-Px600 line of players.

I have always upgraded via the net, does anybody know when Samsung released 2.09.

It is dated early May, 2010 but I know it was not released then.

Forum posters on report the upgrade blocked them from playing Universal and Warner Bros.

movies, which conveniently lock up after displaying the title image.It plays DVDs fine just won't play Blu Rays properly, I either get no image at all or the image is a stretched and I can only see the top half. If watching closely, you can visually detect it by noticing a scene accelerate as if it's in fast forward mode. Help us keep the list up to date and Submit new DVD and Blu-ray Players here.The movies are Dear John (2 copies), Edge of Darkness and The Bounty Hunter (also 2 copies).The discs spin for about 5 to 10 seconds and they eject with the error message "The Disc can not be played".CDs and DVDs all play just fine so I don't think it is a physical drive issue.

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