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In this Buzzle article, we will provide the statistics for the same."Generally speaking, women who participate in online dating are looking for a long-term relationship, where the men we encountered were not necessarily looking for 'Mrs.

Right Now.'" According to Consumer Affairs, there are approximately 1000 online dating sites at present, each determined to help you find the 'love of your life'.

There is no such thing as a perfect person – so getting realistic about what you are looking for (and what is out there!

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A non-profit group that discusses being single and the option not to marry for both heterosexual and same-sex couples.

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On the other hand, the remaining 35% of those used their cell phones to get the task done.

Come July 2014, only a year later, the number of mobile-only users increased to a whopping 60%, leaving the remaining 40% still accessing the sites through a desktop.

What if an amazing guy lived just outside of your 30 mile perimeter?

Seriously, take a good look at your settings and consider being more flexible. Consider changing them from a 7 – the extreme – to a more moderate one.Forbes claims that as of now, 11% of American adults use a variety of online dating sites to either find someone to date or just hangout with.Well, in order to estimate the future of online dating―which appears brighter than ever―we need to go over the latest statistics; and here they are.If the settings on e Harmony confuse you at all – contact customer care and they will happily help out.Does a guy really need to be 4 inches taller than you? Are there other areas you could compromise on a bit? It’s a bit like the thin line between love and hate.


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