Carbon dating and the bible

Not only are these researchers claiming the earliest evidence for camels in that region of Israel point to the late 9th century BC, they are also directly challenging the authenticity of the Bible itself: “Archaeologists have shown that camels were not domesticated in the Land of Israel until centuries after the Age of the Patriarchs (2000–1500 BCE).

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The digs at the spot have been underwritten by the Berman Center Biblical Archeology Hebrew University, the Brennan Foundation and Foundation Stone, which is turning the site into an educational attraction and invites the public to participate in the digs.

You can't use carbon dating reliably since all processes happened much faster in the past, to include radioactive decay. Acorns grew into mighty oaks, died, rotted, and turned to dust, all in the span of about an hour. I don't know who you learned from but the fact is this... lol I am against it only to the extant that the Bible does not need the science in an unproven system to validate it. The problem with Carbon-14 testing as I see it is that there is not a 'sample' that we KNOW is such and such old to verify the measuring device/system. Then of course, we could blame the one that hire illegal aliens.....

Other headlines claim this evidence proves the Bible false.

But is the case for disproving camels in the Bible that cut and dry?

The text is written in ink on a pottery shard (ostracon).

It is made up of five lines of text in Proto-Canaanite characters separated by lines. Yossi Garfinkel and Sa'ar Ganor of Hebrew University, is being hailed as one of the most important finds in Israel since the Dead Sea Scrolls.

However, there is now widespread agreement that the site was Jewish: There are no pig bones and chemical analysis (petrography) of the ceramics found there shows that the structure was Jewish, not the Philistine's.

The Elah Valley is the site at which Jewish and Philistine armies faced each other in one of the most glorious battles ever: The fateful victory in which David killed Goliath with a stone to the forehead.

The ancient point of settlement covers more than four acres and is surrounded by a 700 meter long wall.

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