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To me, it seems you can be attracted to someone, but feel no chemistry.That’s why a girl may be willing to go on an initial date with you, and you two can get along, but if there is no spark, she won’t see you again. Ryan Well, Ryan, you ask a very good question and interestingly, you seem to already know the answer but let me explain it further for you.He was rich and had some degree of power, but the main thing that he had was an extraordinary intellect.

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For a lot of women, that turns into genuine physical attraction," Epstein says.

For example, Epstein has a friend who isn't exactly considered to be a stud, yet he ended up marrying a beautiful woman because he was always nice to her. "You can't force (attraction), but I think probably a lot of women have the ability to cultivate it or to grow it."However ,"if you meet someone and you find that person to be revolting physically, it's unlikely that that person can do much to suddenly create the perfect chemistry with you."Serena Wadhwa, Psy.

We may be attracted to someone, but this doesn't imply a sexual chemistry."Can It Last?

When an attraction is developed versus one that is innate, experts say it is still just as possible that it will last over time. I'll give you a very famous example, a wonderful example, of one of the greatest romances of the last century," Epstein says.

In the end, say you can try to let chemistry develop if you are attracted to the person and the time may be well worth the effort.

How do you think it's OK to let the attraction build?

in a way to leave you hanging and wanting to know more.

Curiosity is one of human’s biggest driver and motivator.

Attraction is basically the process in which a person gets attached to you.

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