Code for validating radio button in javascript

all fields shown highlighted here and in the javascript with the same name must still all have the same name if you rename them.

The javascript that this form uses to validate that a radio button has been selected follows.

code for validating radio button in javascript-49

It should be a relatively simple matter for you to take the above form field definitions and javascript and incorporate it into your form.

Note that the javascript does not require amending to handle as many radio buttons within the same group as you require, you simply assign them all the same name within the form.

Basically, when the submit button is clicked, I want the script to verify a radio is checked, if one is checked to do nothing.

If one isn't checked I want it to post an alert message.

I would change the line if (radios[i].checked) form Valid = true; to if (radios[i].checked) so it becomes true with the value of the checked item. Also, always use braces, even if there is just one item.

In addition to the Javascript solutions above, you can also use an HTML 5 solution by marking the radio buttons as required in the markup.

Since then developments in Java Script have introduced ways to perform radio button validation in far less obtrusive ways however the less obtrusive code is slightly more complicated and has a significant overhead if you do not use that approach for all of your field validations (as you ought to).

Of course many people still use this means of validating radio buttons simply because the code is easier for them to understand.

This will eliminate the need for any Javascript and let the browser do the work for you.


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