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Despite its fast economic growth in the last two decades, poverty reduction in Africa has remained limited.

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Conclusions and policy recommendations are then discussed.

The green revolution benefited most regions of the world, particularly East Asia, as it resulted in regional food surpluses within 25 years.

With higher agricultural productivity; gender-equal access to land, seed, and fertilizer; and overall better performance in rural economies, growth will reach the most disadvantaged—namely women and youth.

However, considerable effort is needed to ensure that institutions and mechanisms for inclusion are put in place, while at the same time pushing toward the development of large commercial farming.

It contributes from 2.4 percent of GDP in Equatorial Guinea to 70 percent of GDP in Liberia, providing an average of around 15 percent of GDP for the continent.

The declining GDP contribution of agriculture to the economy is a sign of low productivity and limited value addition to agricultural commodities, as the sector provides employment for 50 percent of the labor force (see Chapter 1.1, Figure 4); 47 percent of these workers are women.

Despite its importance, agricultural productivity remains dismal, undermining Africa’s overall productivity and food security.

The sector’s productivity in Africa considerably lags other developing regions (see Figure 1 for cereal yields; see also Chapter 1.1, Figure 5a) and, unlike other regions, Africa has not benefited from the green revolution.

Agriculture persists as an important sector of the African economy.

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