Consolidating excel spreadsheets into one

If you have no idea where to paste the code then check out this page.

There are other options available to you to change the areas in the worksheets that you working with.

Following are some changes you can make to the previous code.

Code is also included to copy the name of each worksheet to the H column in the summary worksheet.

Finally, the summary worksheet is resized to fit just the inserted data.

(13 printed pages)Ron de Bruin, Microsoft Office Excel MVPFrank Rice, Microsoft Corporation August 2008Applies to: Microsoft Office Excel 2007, Microsoft Office Excel 2003, Microsoft Excel 2002, Microsoft Excel 2000Contents or consolidate the data in each worksheet into a summary worksheet.

The samples described in this article add a worksheet to the active workbook and then copy a range of cells from every worksheet to the summary worksheet.

Important: The macro examples use the Last Row or Last Col function that you can find in the last section of this page.

Copy the macro(s) and function(s) in a standard module of your workbook. Cut Copy Mode = False End With End If Next Exit The Sub: Application.

The examples will add a worksheet with the name RDBMerge Sheet to your workbook and will copy cellsfrom every worksheet in the Active Workbook to this worksheet.

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