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And then I went on to Paul and he wasn't interested.

I started fancying John Lennon and then he wasn't interested, obviously.

We handed out some of our exclusive Nozu-tan posters as prizes and of course we filmed all of it! Our mini-competition and not to forget, all of you stopping by for a chat or a picture made the dealer room one of the most fun locations to be during the weekend!

cosplay datingshow-89

In the end the bachelor will decide his favorite based on the answer.

This game is not about winning, but about participating. Just try to be ‘in character’, listen to the host, and have fun. You can use THIS FORM , or just sit in the audience and raise your hand when we are looking for more contestants.

Competitors get one Snicker bar each, at the start sign they have to put the whole bar in their mouth…horizontally!

Only then can they start chewing, whoever finishes first wins the game!

There might or might not be more mini-competitions in the future.

We’d love to bring back the Snicker challenge as a three day tournament and we were thinking of a photo competition.

Exciting new things to come in the future, although it might be still some months away.

Don’t be afraid to contact us if you’ve got an idea of fun things to do at our booth.

The small hallways seem to be confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it they are quite cozy if you ask me.

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