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“They were carrying an enormous weight because we would tell the ones on the right that they were with the left and vice versa.But ultimately they all made the agenda of the feminist movement theirs.

The law dictates, among other things, that women and men obtain the same salary for the same work and that the value of domestic labor, paid or unpaid, be recognized. Hernández believes that what was left out of the law now will be included in the future.

“When we began this struggle, everyone told us we had to proceed slowly.

Among the lessons they have learned from the process is the fundamental importance of political alliances between women.

“If we want something, we will achieve it together, not divided. That's why we have to find what unites us, says Alvarado, who adds that everything was made possible thanks to the fact that the law was a consensual creation done with the participation of all Salvadoran women.

Of these, 42.8 percent are categorized as engaging in “home work.

The data on political participation are also not very encouraging: women occupy only 29 of the 262 existing mayorships and there are only 18 female representatives among the 84 seats in the General Assembly.

The experience has changed the perspective of Emma Hernández' activism.

“As an independent feminist, I now understand that nothing is impossible.

Five out of every 10 girls drop out of school to help in the home and 61.3 percent of the illiterate population is female.

At the same time, women represent 76.8 percent of the inactive economic population.

In an effort to make the law effective, they are trying to educate public servants and are struggling to get a budget assigned for the mechanisms of change the Law of Equality mandates.


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