online dating site in toronto - Dating a shy friend

These little actions tell him that you care about his needs, want to make him feel at home and that he is special to you.

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Take it slow with the shy guy so you don't make him feel uncomfortable -- especially when it comes to physical touch.

Contact with a love interest releases oxytocin, says Kirschner, which can speed up the bonding process and make both of you feel good.

It is a delicate balancing act, but worth the effort to develop a lasting relationship.

A shy guy may be reluctant to approach you, even if he is romantically interested.

If the feelings are mutual, both of you will be riding an emotional high that could lead to love.

A shy guy needs to feel comfortable with you to let down his guard.

To make a shy guy fall in love with you, merely meeting, talking or dating him won't be enough.

You need to develop a deeper connection than surface banter.

A light touch on the arm may be all that's needed to get started.

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