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Sara's face was flush, she was excited, she was angry, her magnificent tits were heaving in her blouse, her lips trembled, they quivered, they were filled and engorged with blood. Sally her daughter, was exactly the same when he got her going, and fully aroused, Sally was unstoppable, he was looking her, at SALLY! "Look," he said, beginning to wing it, "That top button on your jacket doesn't look right undone," he told her. "It looks like you have forgotten to do it up, here, let me do it for you Sara." He reached out, and when the back of his hands touched her still firm tits, he groaned inwardly. He brushed the jacket over her tits with the flat of his hands, "there," he said, "that's better." Sara looked down, then turned to the mirror, "Yes," she said, "I suppose you are right Tommy, not that it matters now though," she said sadly.

Sara looked down, her anger forgotten momentarily, but her rising tide of sexual arousal was going on. She turned back to him, he again reached out, this time he took a hold of the lapels of the jacket high up, and in one swift movement he wrenched them over her shoulders, and down to her elbows.

Tonight Sara was wearing superb form fitting cream business suit, she had an appointment for a dinner date, and it was combined with a very important business meeting that, if concluded in her favour, would net het a shed load of money. "I can't talk for long Tommy, I have a date which I must not be late for." He groaned inwardly, he loved being around her, he harboured serious thoughts that one day she would succumb to a seduction by him.

"Ah," he said, "never mind, I'll walk you to your car then when you leave, okay?

And as he stood and watched her finalising things, he got his usual hard on for her.

He was nineteen and his girlfriend Sally was the spitting image of her mother.

He was screwing Sara's daughter wholesale, she loved it, she loved him, and she had told her mother that one day she would marry him.

Sara was pleased, but advised to err with caution, to make sure he was 'the one.' Tommy had told her he would marry her eventually when she was a bit older, but the thought of probably associating with her mother.

Sara was off dating men, she had considered dating women to avoid them, but she loved sex and lots of it, but now she had relegated herself to a vibrating Rabbit.

Her husband had been good, but that was all he was good at.

" He never answered, Tommy never had the time, he was too focussed on the treasures now exposed to him.


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