Dating girl with hairy legs

Yes, we all have the right to our preferences, but that doesn't make our preferences less problematic.Someone can simultaneously behave according to their preferences and acknowledge that they have sexist roots.Fashion and glamour magazines, the multi-million-pound beauty industry, and high-profile female stars all promote a standardised, smooth-skinned feminine sexuality – they’re just as guilty as the much-criticised men’s mags of telling women how they should look, even if their approach is different.

I found that you can buy wax and strips at some chemists/drug stores here in Thailand but it is cheaper to buy it on amazon and shipped here,the reason is because as you can tell, no one buys it here so the drug store is overly expensive.

I found some good wax on amazon (picture to the left) that works really good, costs about 1000 baht all up to buy it and ship here and lasts my girlfriend about 11months.

You don't have to date anyone with preferences that reflect sexist assumptions or would force you to give up something important to you.

While it's true that our taste isn't entirely within our control, there does seem to be a correlation between how open-minded someone is and how willing they are to date a woman who doesn't shave.

Many Thai girls are scared of waxing and wouldn't get it done even if you payed them 1000 baht to do it.

Even though Thai girls are naturally born with very little body hair there is one place us guys like to see no hair at all probably more so for those born after 1980.

Your legs, armpits, or whatever it is could actually provide a method for weeding out sexist or closed-minded people, and that's yet another reasons to embrace your body hair.

Thousands of women, we're told, are signing up for the Hairy Legs Club – an online movement that encourages like-minded ladies to ditch the razor and flaunt their naturally hirsute limbs. Deep down, we can be as modern and liberal as the next person.

Men have been conditioned for decades to find a certain image of femininity attractive, but does the Hairy Legs Club mean that we now risk being called sexist pigs if we endorse that image by saying we find shaved legs more attractive? Sexual desire is arguably man’s most powerful, primal urge, and no one is going to change our preferences overnight. Most modern men support pro-feminist agendas and we try to make amends for the sins of our fathers.


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