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i think if you dont have the patience to get to know them (even if you do fight and argue) he will not be for you. I recently met a Lithuanian guy and he's the opposite of what you wrote girls!i find it charming and would like to find out about the sexual aggression he conclusion, i am still learning about him and i like him already. he also was a business major so that part is also true. He's pretty lovely, he's caring, he talks a lot about his life, family, job and the things he likes to do, he ask me about everything and I'm so happy.

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Told all his family and friends about me(met them and told me about it)conclusion, men differs.

He told me that when his dad was alive he and his mom were so in love until his last breath. I managed to make him open up and I listened is a good listener too.

He sometimes doesn't know what to say as Lithuanians aren't always the loudest - that may be a stereotype that is true. At first I hated him because he was so stubborn and too manly.

But all the Lithuanians I've worked with (except 1 or 2 kind of mental young women) have been totally normal and exactly the same as my culture in most things, they haven't seemed 'foreign' or 'different' at all and most Lithuanians have a more 'Scandinavian' presence than Eastern European in some things i.e. He even told me that i'm asian and short and should not be too bossy(he's my subordinate).

He would spoil me with small gifts(yes they dont spend on nonsense, but do know how to look nice and presentable so they do invest on themselves).

He loved it by the way that I take care of myself because I do live a healthy lifestyle.

more educated,more traveled ,more outgoing ..more chances guy is going to be loving etc....

even saying that though they are different and it can be a cultural shock because in the end its different believes ,languages ,families etc :) but I would personally wouldn't date one I'm currently in a relationship with a lithuanian guy and he is lovely I'm english white/british and it does take a lot of time to understand there ways ..can be sexually aggressive but he's never hurt me , he is a people pleaser and likes to always keep people happy he loves his family and will put his family before anyone.

Overall I'd never change my lithuanian man for the world!

i recently met a lithuanian man and he was reluctant to tell me even his name.

i think we will have many more exchanges of words and i think he likes the fact that i dont back down (well eventually i do he can outlast me in an argument) and it has built up some sexual tension between us. I'm dating a Lithuanian guy and oddly enough he's the opposite of these things! I don't think all Lithuanians are like what you said and I also think those are just 'stereotypes', people say the same things about asians and my best friend is dating a korean and the guy is more caring and lovely than her lol.

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